I was born on the East Side of Michigan in 1990 and moved to Grand Rapids, MI, one very humid week in August of 2010. As a graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design, I received my BFA in Printmaking and the Studio Excellence Award for my major in the Spring of 2015. My future is definitely full of ink cans, print shops, and good beer. This is Beer City, USA, after all.

I split my time between printing for myself at Dinderbeck Studios and printing for work at Uncle Goose. (Check 'em out!)

My work currently centers around the feminine form of the midwife, aided by her medicinal plants and embroidered stitches. To me, she personifies the bittersweet process of mending old wounds and promoting new growth.


  • Re-runs of The Office

  • Cannolis

  • Podcasts like The Last Podcast on the Left, Astonishing Legends, and Family Ghosts.

  • Detroit Garage Rock

  • Halloween


  • Pineapple on pizza

  • Jam Bands

  • Small-minded/non-empathetic people

  • Tablet Books